A picture of the green trees and a couple tents The grand bedroom bed in the grand apartment A view of the campsite before opening season The kitchen area (large apartment). A strawberry patch A view of the dining table (large apartment). The kitchen sink in the grand apartment. The downstairs veranda can serve as a general purpose sitting area to any guests in the house of the grand or the rustic apartment. The beautiful tapestry in the master bedroom in the grand apartment. A small ad-hoc sitting space made by a group of scouts on the campsite. The cozy master bedroom in the rustic apartment. The old stove in the kitchen will heat the place up during winter time. Never fear, there is a regular stove for cooking as well (rustic apartment). Another view of the second bedroom (large apartment). The cozy dining room with a table (rustic apartment). A prepared bed in the second bedroom, ready for our guests (large apartment). The living room has a large stove that warms the house during cold winters (rustic apartment). A winter view of the campside edge. The couch in the main room with a stuffed rabbit sitting on top (large apartment). A small patch of grass a bit away from the main camp grounds The second bedroom has a couch that can also serve as a double bed (grand apartment). The terrace in front of the apartment (large apartment). A picture of the green trees and a couple tents The ancient fireplace still warms the house during cold winters (large apartment).


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Traveling to a foreign country can be intimidating, scary, especially if you don't know the language. That's why we have prepared very detailed directions on how to reach us, so that you have one less thing to worry about.

How to find us
The Bled lake

Interesting places

Nobody want to travel somewhere boring and desolate. Brezje itself is interesting, but there's plenty of interesting places around Brezje as well.

What to see


For the more outdoors and sport oriented guests, there's a lot of things that may interest you.

What to do
A view of the Basilica of Our Lady of Help at Brezje


Brezje, the village we're situated in, has a very rich historical background.

More about Brezje