We've also compiled a list of fun activities anyone visiting the area can do. Sightseeing is all fine, but sometimes, you've just got to go out and have some fun, explore the Slovenian nature through various hiking or cycling trails.

A birds eye view of Radovljica


There are many trails around the mountaineous region. Anybody can find a trail suitable to them, to the most experienced and energetic hikers and to the less outdoorsy people. Any trail you pick will lead you through the stunning nature of Slovenia and the Julian Alps with spectacular views at every clearing.

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A birds eye view of Radovljica


Cycling is a popular sport in Slovenia, and there are many paths made especially for cyclists all over the countryside.


Tina Raft

An exciting experience on the fast flowing Sava river. Specially attractive after rain, when water is plentiful and it is quite refreshing in hot summer days.

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