Kje se nahajamo?

Detailed instructions

A word of caution, if you use GPS, it may mislead you the last hundred or so metres. Also, if you are using a GPS with older maps, it may say some strange things near Brezje as the highway is relatively new, and not all providers have updated their maps.

If you take the main highway (Ljubljana - Jesenice), take the Brezje exit. You will need to turn left towards Brezje, there are signs in place to make this easier. You will reach a rondeau where you will take the exit towards Brezje. When you reach Brezje, take the road on the right. You should follow the road until the end, past the parking lot, past the fire station and post office. At the end of the road, turn right and follow the road for another 300-400 metres. When you approach a small residential parking lot, turn left. There is also a small sign that reads Turistična kmetija Hribar on the left. You will come to an intersection where you go straight, through the iron gate, and you've reached us.

If you do use GPS, it may try to direct you to the left about 300-400 metres early, off of the paved road leading downhill. DO NOT take that road, ignore your GPS, and continue forwards.

In case you do miss us and drive a bit too far, you will see a farm on the left. If you manage to miss that as well, the road will try to lead you downhill. You shouldn't go downhill, if you do, that's a clear sign that you've missed us.

In case of any problems, feel free to call us (+386 40 260 414), and we will be happy to assist you.

Google maps

A word of caution, the instructions on Google maps or other GPS devices may mislead you the last hundred or so metres, so please, take a minute and read the detailed instructions we have provided above, or examine the picture, so you don't get lost.